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Simpatico Luncheon (Feelings and Fitness)Education :: Classes also Education :: Discussion
Simpatico Luncheon (Feelings and Fitness)
11:30 AM
Legends (Boise Spectrum Center)

"Life is only as good as the relationships you form."

Come and be in Simpatico were it's understood that the quality of our lives is in our ability to form deep and intimate relationships. This September 13th Simpatico luncheon will focus on emotional and physical fitness.


Karen Jean Lowe - Consultant / Facilitator (Owner of Simpatico)

Emotional Fitness Presentation: Research has proven that good physical health does not remain for long if our emotional health is in trouble. Exercise is paramount to emotional stability which in turn sends us the emotions of encouragement to go on exercising.

Karen will be presenting the keys to Emotional Fitness with a lighthearted approach from a personal story we can all identify with, "Never Let Them See You Sweat"

Sherry Fernandez (Owner of Fitmania)

Sherry Fernandez: "I am totally passionate about the potential of humans and empowering people to live with purpose, passion and faith. I opened FitMania so that she could do exactly that. At FitMania we specialize in fitness, nutrition and personal development. We have three locations and teach over 90 fitness classes a week, plus classes on nutrition, finances and marriage. We also do personal nutrition consultations and personal development coaching. While I am the owner of a business I am not so much a business woman as a teacher. I have been heavily involved in both fitness and personal development for over thirty years. I speak publicly, as well as teach classes on a variety of topics such as fitness, nutrition, marriage, goal setting, and how to develop written mission statements and governing values. I also do individual, one on one, personal development coaching."

The Wit To Be Fit Presentation: The road to being lean and strong, fit and healthy is more fun and less complicated than you think it is. Sherry will be sharing some fun strategies on how to become healthy and phsyically fit.

FitMania helps you move right, eat right and design your life around your goals. For fitness, we use the High-intensity Interval Resistance Training protocol to build functional muscle and jump start your metabolism. We help you create a leaner, fitter you. For nutrition, we teach principles that make sense. Eating healthy should be simple. And it is when we surround ourselves with the vast choices of nutrient dense, delicious, whole foods. We also teach you how to live life the way you intend it. Through life design and planning, we help you come closer to the version of yourself that is defined by your goals.

Followed by Group Discussion

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Age Group: 18+
Venue: Legends (Boise Spectrum Center)
Address: 7609 W. Overland Rd. Boise, ID 83709
Phone: (208) 377 1819

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