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A talk by Haitian author ?velyne TrouillotEducation :: Lecture
A talk by Haitian author ?velyne Trouillot
4:00 PM
Boise State University
Free and open to the public.

Talk title:

"Challenging Memories to Rewrite History"

Neither history nor memory are neutral. They are often constructed by one's interests or emotions. History as reported by official documents often reflects taboos, preconceived ideas about a social group or gender. In that respect, Haitian history is not different and makes little place for women. I would like to argue that literature, art in general, is a powerful way to rewrite history and restitute their true dimension to groups neglected by official history, women in particular. If I consider slavery, the US occupation of Haiti, or the Duvalier era, to cite these important periods of Haitian history, the role of women is often undermined although they constitute half of the population. Also, collective memory sometimes confronts official memory. Certain memories, whether of an embargo or of an earthquake are so painful that they stay buried for decades before a community dares to even hint at them. By presenting a different light on history, writers can help to reconcile memories, help a community confront its fears and taboos, and help make sense of our realities.
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Boise State University
Address: 1910 University Drive, - SUB- Lookout Room Boise, ID 83725
Phone: 208 426 1000

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